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Bill gets unanimous committee support

In a rare moment of comity, the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee on April 9 unanimously passed Family Winemakers co-sponsored AB 2488 (Levine) to allow wine tasting at certified farmers' markets.  But, more unique was the clamor by all members to become co-sponsors of the bill.  The bill, an expansion of FWC's original bottle sales bill in 2001 (AB 2520) allows a single winery to pour no more then three ounces per adult at a single market each day.  The CFM manager controls which winery can pour.  Other wineries are still allowed to sell wine by the bottle.  AB 2488 next goes to Assembly Appropriations for fiscal review.

In other action last week FWC co-sponsored AB 1642 (Chesbro), which authorizes a grower referendum in 2015 to extend the PD Program, was put on the Assembly Appropriations Committee suspense file due to cost.  The bill is expected to come off suspense, as other reauthorization bills have, in May.  The Senate Governance and Finance Committee approved SB 1021 (Wolk), which overturns a court case that upheld the parcel tax law requirement for equal assessment.  The bill seeks to give school districts the authority to set up different rates for residential, commercial and industrial properties, no doubt leading to higher tax bills.

(Posted April 14, 2014)

Which wineries do direct-to-consumer sales?

Welcome to Family Winemakers of California's web site. The most value-added feature of the web site is our "Buying CA Wine" consumer map. Click there and you can simply find out if you live in a state that allows direct to consumer sales and more importantly, which Family Winemakers members are selling in your state. The list you'll find under each state will give you a direct link to that winery and its online store. Each state page contains valuable information for consumers buying wine.

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