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Family Winemakers of California represents wine industry issues before the California Legislature and applicable state regulatory agencies. Issues that impact small producers drive our focus. Without an active voice and presence in Sacramento other groups will make decisions that influence your ability to succeed as a vintner or grape grower. FWC remains the primary vintner-oriented advocate for inclusiveness on laws, regulations and industry practices for wine producers.

The association also provides marketing assistance to its members through its well-known wine tastings in the Bay Area and Southern California, as well as its web portal for consumers searching for wineries that ship to states that allow direct-to-consumer sales.

Membership Categories
Regular Members are anyone who produces wine commercially or anyone who grows winegrapes.  Thus, membership is available to brick and mortar wineries or variations of custom crush producers.  Distributors, importers and wine marketers aren't eligible.  Small producers, those below 5,000 cases annually, dominate FWC’s membership ranks. The geographical diversity of the membership stretches from Mendocino to Temecula.

Associate Members are those firms that support or supply the industry (i.e., barrel manufacturers, cork suppliers, etc.).

Membership Information
Each member is required to fill out an application form, or update a renewal form, in order to be considered for membership. This information is maintained by Family Winemakers. Every member’s information is available solely to him or her on a password-protected basis through the Members Page on our web site. Members are encouraged to update the information during renewal and as contact information changes.

Annual Dues
Membership in 2014 for Regular members is based on $.05 per case sold in the winery’s last fiscal year with a $250 minimum for those selling less than 5,000 cases if joining solely as an FWC member. Dues for the joint membership are based on a graduated scale reflecting gross receipts of the winery. Those dues categories are outlined on the Joint Form. You may fill out the form online or download a pdf version (on the Apply page) for mailing or faxing.  After July 1 dues are prorated by 50% (i.e., the $250 minimum would be $125.00) for new members.

A current membership is required in order to register for any of FWC's trade/media/consumer tastings.  There are separate tasting fees that apply.

Associate membership dues are based on a graduated scale reflecting sales of the entity in the last fiscal year with the lowest tier starting at $275. Those dues categories are outlined on the Associate Form. You may fill out the form online or download a pdf version for mailing or faxing.

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