Massachusetts opening to shipping

After more than four years the State of Massachusetts finally passed legislation to fix its direct shipping statute.  The foot-dragging, after the state lost in Family Winemakers of California v. Jenkins, thwarted Bay State consumers and wineries across the U.S. as wholesalers and package store interests delayed legislative action.  Governor Deval Patrick signed the 2014 budget with the legislative fix included.  The remaining piece of the puzzle is to fix the common carrier fleet licensing issue so UPS and FedEx and accept and deliver shipments.  The ABCC will be using the fall to update winery licensing forms.

FWC Board of Directors — July 28

The 3rd quarter meeting of the Family Winemakers Board will be held at Trione Winery.  End-of-session legislative actions and fall leadership elections are among the topics.

Drought and taxes webinar — August 8

The next in our series of educational webinars for members presented by Moss Adams is a session on the tax and investment implications for wineries based on the current drought.