One of the core functions of Family Winemakers, like any trade association, is encouraging legislative and regulatory action by its members.  This enables the organization to broaden its reach through advocacy at the grassroots level.

When the Legislature reconvenes on August 17 one of the most pressing issues it faced is related to California's drought.  Family Winemakers will continue to monitor all legislation related to water during the final weeks of the session.  As a member of Family Winemakers you can contact your legislator or the Governor to express your views based on information provided by FWC.

Action Call

At the moment there are no member action calls.  The Legislature will be working until September 11 on hundreds of bills.  FWC will keep you posted about opportunities to express your opinion as a winery operating in California.

The last few months of the year are filled with rulemaking by regulatory bodies.  Check back on this page to see if there are issues requiring action.