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Family Winemakers of California, dominated by small producers and vineyards, has seen its membership strengthen each year as the association vigorously pursued direct-to-consumer wine sales relief in the courts and broadened its wine tastings. At the conclusion of its 2012 fiscal year Family Winemakers of California had a membership of 550.

The organizational core is the small, family-owned winery. Over 90% of the wineries produce less than 10,000 cases annually. A significant portion of the membership produce less than 5,000 cases annually. The industry definition of small producer typically is <50,000 cases per year. In these terms, Family Winemakers’ membership is generally made up of micro-size producers.

Family Winemakers draws its membership from across all the wine producing areas of the state. Our farthest north member is in Humboldt County. Our southern most members are in Temecula in Riverside County. The largest concentration of members, as one would suspect, is from Napa and Sonoma Counties.

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