Pierce's Disease extension

Growers will vote starting April 6 on whether to extend the Pierce's Disease Control Program and the industry assessment.  Family Winemakers co-sponsored AB 1642 (Chesbro) in 2014 to allow winegrape growers the opportunity to continue the control program and research efforts until March 2021.  Growers have 30 days to return their ballots.  If multiple ballots are received they should all be voted and returned.  Forty percent of eligible growers need to vote in order to validate the referendum.

Initial funding of the program started back in 2000 and helps match key USDA funds to control the spread of the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter.  FWC, CAWG and Wine Institute are coordinating the YES campaign for the referendum and support extension along with a growing list of other regional wine associations.

Talking about wine to consumers

Family Winemakers is co-sponsoring AB 780 (Williams) in 2015, along with the California Craft Brewers Association and Wine Institute, to address ongoing concerns by beverage producers about letting consumers know where their wine is sold.  Current law does not allow for affirmative communciations, which are a key aspect of talking to consumers through social media channels, just a direct response to an inquiry.  The bill would allow licensees to affirmatively communicate about their products.  The bill will be heard in April.

FWC 2015 Policy Priorities

AB 780: Advertising restrictions Sponsor Assembly
AB 394: Monterey conjunctive labeling Support Assembly
AB 527: BottleRock advertising exception Support Assembly
SB 462: Green Museum ad exception Support Senate
SB 765: Net energy metering Support Senate