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Family Winemakers of California is an “organization that reflects the ‘little guy’s’ point of view.” With nearly 3,800 licensed wineries in California someone needs to be the actual voice for small, family wineries in the fight for more access to markets, protecting individual freedom from government over-regulation, and fostering aspirations to make the best wine.

Our beginnings are humble. Family Winemakers was founded in 1990 after the wine market order extension was voted down in a true grassroots campaign. Industry growth and public policy on a myriad of issues begged for input from small producers. One man, one vote is the bedrock principle behind Family Winemakers that guides our views on legislation, regulation, litigation and business practices. Read more about

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Pierce's Disease Referendum

Growers will have the opportunity to extend the Pierce's Disease/Glassywinged Sharpshooter program another five years in a referendum next spring.  AB 1642 (Chesbro), co-sponsored by Family Winemakers, was signed into law on August 21.  The program includes ongoing research into ways to protect grapevines or prevent the transmission of Pierce's Disease, as well as control of existing infestations and rapid response to discoveries of the sharpshooter.

Napa Earthquake Resources

In the wake of the earthquake that struck the Napa and surrounding wine country areas there are a multitude of tax and property issues to deal with after the clean up.  The Tax and Trade Bureau will accept claims related to tax paid wine.  Use this TTB link for info.  California's Board of Equalization also handles excise tax claims.  County assessors handle property tax relief.  Claims on BOE-501-WG for excise tax relief require documentation on line 8.  Use this BOE link for disaster information.  TTB posted a new FAQ on August 29 with key information.  Find it here.

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