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Family Winemakers of California is an “organization that reflects the small producer's point of view.” With nearly 5,300 licensed wineries in California someone needs to consistently speak for small, family wineries in the fight for more access to markets, protecting individual freedom from government over-regulation, and fostering aspirations to make the best wine. Our beginnings are humble. Family Winemakers was founded in 1990 after the wine market order extension was voted down in a true grassroots campaign. Industry growth and public policy on a myriad of issues begged for input from small producers. One man, one vote is the bedrock principle behind Family Winemakers that guides our views on legislation, regulation, litigation and business practices. We’ve spent 25 years and counting working to loosen up the post-Prohibition restrictions in California law and broaden access to domestic markets. Read more about

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A decade of gains after Granholm

On May 16, 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Granholm v. Heald that changed the way consumers can buy wine in the nation.  Coming on the heels of seven, hard fought court battles that split circuit courts across the country, Granholm’s 5-4 decision ended the prohibition against shipping by out-of-state wineries if a state allowed its own producers to sell directly to consumers.  From a landscape of 11 reciprocal states in 2005, there are now 41 states and counting and the District of Columbia that have improved consumer choice.  Family Winemakers of California, which started the affirmative litigation approach with its amicus brief in the first Indiana case and carried through to the Supreme Court, takes great pride in the progress made in expanding consumer choice through the efforts of its members and its legal team.


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